Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hash Trash - Run 115

Location: Outside Yalicavak
Hares: Luv Joy, Shitter, Butt Butt
Scribe: Fishy Fingers

Well on a beautiful sunny February afternoon off we set to run 115 set by Luvjoy, Butt Butt and Shitter . Following the BH3 signs up a dirt track that even a 4 wheel drive vehicle had trouble with we just knew it was going to be a tough one. The circle was delayed as we were waiting on a phone call from the Janderme to say that the 60 men with shotguns all over the mountainside had finished their annual Boar hunt.

Just after 2 the call came so GM called the circle and with 19 of us in attendance in came the hares to tell the usual fairy tales blah blah something about Ts and checks and back checks to be honest it was all a bit confusing for me(and as the run progressed to everyone else lol). A down down was awarded to first home from the last hash, and then off we set , and then reality hit this was not a Sunday afternoon stroll it was  a trail for the brave hearted (or stupid).As we climbed to the highest point on the Bodrum Pennisular the views were spectacular all over Yalikavak and the spring flowers were out everywhere and of course few boars were to be seen swinging from trees . As the FRBs got further in front the walkers took a shortcut and that's when the problem arose Shitter forgot the way and with a few straggler hunters still around and I am guessing some very annoyed boars myself and Flasher were starting to "lag behind" as Shitter so nicely put it , and in his best drill sergeant voice he told us to get a move on before we lost the others and were stranded . Eventually after scrambling up the mountainside we found arrows again (phew) and then heard Butt Butt calling us from the top (I have never been so pleased to see a friendly face), and with that we headed back to the RV eventually arriving some 2 hours after setting off.

When everyone was safely back the circle was called and the GM gave the usual down downs to the hares and misnamers and a virgin, before handing the circle to the RA who gave even more down downs to everyone for everything imaginable. The circle was closed and off we went to the ON ON ON at the Mona Lisa in Turgutreis where the food and service was as usual faultless.

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