Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hash Trash - Run 116

Location: Bodrum
Hares: Whilst You’re Down There, Flasher, Cums Too Soon
Scribe: Cums Too Soon

Saturday, went out with my fellow hares to set the trail unfortunately the weather decides otherwise and all we got was very wet. Sunday morning of the run went out to set the trail, where were my fellow hares? (you will have to ask them).

After the very wet Saturday the RA worked his wonders and drum rolled some excellent weather for Sundays run which resulted in nineteen seasoned Hashers turning up, plus two virgin hashers  ( I hope that they will become regular Hashers from now on).

The circle was called and Culture Vulture received the down-down for being the FRB on the last  run (the only one to complete the correct trail). The hares were called in to give a very true account of the run ahead. Since it was also Mothers Day,  RA then did a warm up designed especially for the occasion.

Two runs had been planned, one for the runners and the other for the walkers.

The runners, being polite, we will say they are of the more adventurous type were sent up the side of a very steep hill to begin their run, The walkers being of the more sensible types had nice leisurely walk up the gentle hills and through the back streets to complete the run.

The runners having nearly completed the run then decide that they couldn’t find the trail,  (they tried to blame the hares who in all honesty had clearly marked the trail) and went off up another steep hill before arriving back at the RV.

The circle was formed and after the usual down-downs for the hares and the protests that the trail was not marked the two virgins were introduced to their first down-downs and since they both appeared to be seasoned drinkers this was no problem. The usual down-downs were awarded to the various hashers who couldn’t  either  remember their names or other hash names, posing as a tea-pot, having sex on the hash, etc,etc.

Knockers then came in and named everyone by their correct hash name for which she received a down-down for being a clever member of the opposite sex.

The On-On-On was at Sandy’s bar where hashers enjoyed a Sunday roast or his famous pies.

In all a good day out in excellent company

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