Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hash Trash - Run 117

Location: Geris
Hares: Culture Vulture, Virgin
Scribe: Hose Handler

The sun was shining the sea was like a millpond not a cloud in the sky & 19 (I think) crazy hashers were ready for Culture Vulture & Virgins hash. At 14:00 hrs (that's 2:00pm) the GM called us to the circle a hard job because the panoramic view of the sea forests & far off Islands were a sight to be seen!! So the GM called in the "FRB" in from the last hash, it was Pisser good for him, then the hares were called in CV & Virgin came in for there say as usual it was downhill & flat!!! (not). A few very good jokes were told by the RA (Pisser).  Then ON ON was called & we were off!! Mind you we did have some very strange looks from a few locals who were cooking up a lovely BBQ mmm!! Of course the first bit of the "run" was straight up the hillside & on on was called by the front runners, then into the lovely village of Gerış we did get some very strange looks by the locals the kids were shouting "hello" at us lot.

Then through the village & into some lovely dry river beds, then there was a sign for the walkers one way & runners the other, after a few more back checks & a lot of head scratching & a giggling CV, us hashers finally found!! the right track down a HUGE! grassy knoll we got to a barbed wire fence & Lovejoy whipped his tshirt off & wrapped it round the wire & we all limboed under the barbed wire & the only person to "stab" himself was Lovejoy!!! (Cheers Mate) for the tshirt.   Then onto a nice bit of road nice & flat but that didn't last long as we soon found out as the road started to go steeper & steeper up & up we went huffing & puffing to the top phew!!! Out in front was Lovejoy galloping off, whilst Pisser, Doggy Style, & Helmet Polisher were just behind, then we saw a nice sign of "On In" Lovejoy just kept going on straight instead of turning right (I think he wanted to do the run again!!) So of course Doggy Style ran in first good for her!!

As all the runners started to all come we all said "Were are the walkers?" they all came in a few minutes later, in they all came with some herbs they had been herb picking (Mind you we are Hashers) hehe!! Then the circle was called by the GM  (Come to Soon) he called in the hares (CV & Virgin) for a down down a bit of heckling by us lot ( A fine hash you two!!!) Then a "Virgin" was called in all the way from Sweden & a down down was dished out to him. A welcome return from King Crapper & he was given a nice down down (nice to see you again), then a few Birthdays Old Peculiar, Shitter & Whilst You Are Down There (I think they are 21 again not sure though!!) hehe.  Then a down down was then called.

A few more jokes were told by Pisser a good laugh!! The RA called in Shitter, Lovejoy & Hose Handler as they all had cut themselves on way or another (Maybe they get clumsy as they get older) A down down was dished out to them all. A few more down downs were dished out for goody goodys!! The circle was then closed by the GM & the On On On was held at the Panorama Pasanda Restaurant it claimed to have the "Best view in Bodrum" & to be honest with them they were right "Truly Magnificent"!! Good grub good beer & lovely wine. The sea was sooooo flat it was like a mill pond, in fact KC CV & HH even saw a few dolphins.

A good day was had by all.

Looking forward to the "Birthday" hash next time. Especially wearing the red dress hehe!!

On On!!
Hose Handler.    

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