Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hash Trash - Run 118

We arrived in Bodrum a bit early to invade our host’s abode, so we opted to travel to Yalikavak in search of their local brew (The Black Stuff) as one of our travellers had noticed, on a certain facebook page that the first of this year’s consignment had arrived 3 days before.

It was well worth the detour and we ended up arriving later than expected, complete with some takeaway samples J.

We had a welcome beer or two, and cupcakes, then it was on to the restaurant to meet the BH3 hashers and fellow visitors, where more beer and Italian foods were consumed. We then took ourselves to the next bar of the crawl, where a beer or two more were consumed. Their music in this establishment was of an era that most of the attending hashers were aware of, you know, old stuff. I think a few of the hashers started to relive their youths and started to dance to said music, in some cases they probably regretted it the next day, especially when they see the photo’s (I can be bribed). This continued into the early hours, with no regard as to what we faced on run 118 (now where have I seen that number before, I must call someone and ask). We were all enjoying ourselves so much we forgot to go to the last bar on the crawl, never mind there is always next time, we can do it in reverse.
Well the next morning we started to rouse, the sore heads confirming the good night before. It had been arranged to go for the full English, which when we got it, was very welcome, but unsure if it would do us any good so close to the start of the hash, Daphne Peanuts thinks he ate his three times during the run.
Now I had better explain the “Daphne” thing. Just before BH3’s 100th run, (Daphne) Dopey had mentioned something about wearing ladies clothing, this had been said in earshot of the RA, the 100th run was a fancy dress affair, so Dopey was in a dress and renamed Daphne for the day. Well, as this birthday run was a red dress run, everybody was wearing dresses so we were all renamed Daphne for the day, and the Daphne RA stated there would be serious down downs, if any other name was used.

Various instructions were given in the start circle, and we all had to go on an egg hunt (thought Easter was last week), once an egg was found we had to carry it around the trail.
The On On was called and off we set, the walkers taking a slightly different trail to the runners, the hares Daphne Pisser, Daphne Flasher, Daphne Hose Handler and Daphne Helmet Polisher, having accomplished the almost impossible, 90% of the walk was uphill, every time we approached a bend, we thought it’s got to be downhill around the corner, but no, up and up we went, I don’t know about how close the Daphne RA is to his boss, but we were that high, I think I could have shook his hand.

The runners had another, longer, trail. Somewhere around this trail the Daphne RA was fed up with Daphne Shitter talking all the time, so he tripped him up to see if that would keep him quiet, apparently it didn’t work cause all he did then was moan, while rolling on the ground.

Back at the start point various hashers tried to patch up Daphne Shitter, but the consensus was to send him to the hospital, at least we couldn’t hear him moaning for a while.

The circle was called and the down downs started, and went on and on and on, just like Daphne Semen, just back from his 4 MONTH holiday, Daphne TITS, wasn’t much better, you only ask to be friendly, where did you go? And then it starts, on and on and on and on. Good to see you both made it back the birthday.

Various visiting and pretend Daphne RA’s (Olu where) were called into the circle and told awful jokes or awarded down downs. Including Istanbuls RA, Daphne Alligator, who presented Daphne Sugar Puff with her 200th run tankard, congratulations Daphne Sugar Puff. The Bodrum Daphne RA then ask for hashers with eggs with the letter J on to come forward, and they had to tell a joke, then ones with the letter D, they had to dance, nobody admitted having eggs with S on (thank god Shitter wasn’t present).

Presents were then awarded for the youngest hasher, Daphne Ciaran who was also on his first hash (he will need counselling for the rest of his life), he was given a box of After Eights, I bet he never gets that much female attention again in his life.

Best dressed, now I think the judge has eyesight problems, as this was awarded to Daphne Semen.

Worst dressed, now I think the judges eyesight was improving, was awarded to Daphne Hose Handler.

And the award for the least ladylike look was given to Daphne Going Down, who was quite happy, as there was chocolate involved.

Somewhere around this point Daphne Shitter arrived back from the hospital duly patched up (I think Daphne Vacuum Cleaner did a neater job) for some real anaesthetic.
As Daphne Semen had returned from his travels, for the first time in a least 4 months, the bodily functions, Daphne Pisser, Daphne Shitter and Daphne Semen were called in for their down down’s.

Daphne Semen was also called in as song master to do his bit, so a rendition of Father Abraham was carried out.

After which Daphne Dishwasher called for all male Daphne’s to do the Can Can, which was more like the Can’t Can’t.

The circle was the called to a close and we Proceeded to Jack’s in Gumbet for the On On On, where a great meal was had, ohh!!! And a beer or two.
Small Print
Poetic license has been used

Great weekend guys, Thanks to our hosts Daphne Pisser and Daphne Flasher, for putting us up and putting up with us yet again.
Thanks to the Mis-management for arranging a blinding weekend.
On On till next time.

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