Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hash Trash - Run 122

Location: Gumbet
Hares: Comes Too Soon
Scribe: Tits

Twelve oclock check in at the Shark Club Hotel in Gumbet was great for a pre lube for those thirsty hashers making the most of the all inclusive deal. A good crowd had assembled and a bit of as debate went on as to whether we to make the days hash even more of a club with a drinking problem and just skip the run.

We headed to the RV which was kinda behind Sandys Bar. Hose Handler was stand in GM, as the GM was the lonesome hare for the day. A down down was given for first home on the last run, walker Semen and runner Vacuum Cleaner.

Noddy was given Hash Shit, she wasn't attending but had sent some cryptic message to hashers with a photo of Barrell and a plate of salad! Somehow we don’t think that fine figure came from eating salad.

Shitter was awarded a lovely crash helmet with pink ladies on, no doubt impeccably polished by Helmet Polisher, to wear for the run, after his downhill tumble on the last hash and subsequent visit to hospital to get stitched up. Personally think he should have kept his red dress and lippy on for the said visit. Pisser who was with him at the time of the fall, gave no sympathy and told him to get on with the run, blood running down his elbow, knee and hand!

The hare described the run (short as poss or we waste all inclusive drinking time) and off we went. Don’t remember much flour, the street cleaners must have been out working hard.

Well done to Old Peculiar who joined in with the walkers, good to see him feeling fit and well again.

Semen thought he was on a good thing running after Lightfoot, then released Lightfoot was running and running, only to discover he was nipping home for a quick shower....whoops, follow the trail next time Semen pet!

All made it home and the circle was called. Down downs were given to the bodily fluids (Shitter, Pisser, Semen and I love sPunk). Butt Butt was to puzzled as to why "I Loves Punk" was considered as one of the bodily fluids. The double innuendo was explained of his name and " I love Spunk".  I'm sure Shitter can give her a few Spunk samples.......

The hare was brought in for rubbish run and too much flour, Kath for returnee,  and many others but my mind is blank and the camera went on sick leave.

Finally the goody goodies were called in and it was on to the Shark Club for the Master of all Piss ups. Fishy fingers needs a bit more practice :-) I'm pretty sure "While You're Down There" will be a very volunteer to lend a help on how its done! Now we know why the beds ended up together in the morning.

The hashers entertained the hotel guests with various songs and due to popular demand 2 lots if Father Abraham and Swing Low.

Everyone collapsed into bed by midnight, good hashers that we are. Nothing to do with the end of all inclusive till 10 the next day. A good time was had by all.


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