Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hash Trash - Run 124

Location: Yalikavak
Hares: Semen & Tits
Scribe: Doggy Style

First evening hash of the summer, and the RA had organized enough sun that we were still baking all the way around the trail.  Thirty six dedicated/deluded individuals turned out, including a number of visitors and returnees. 

The circle started with the FRB down-down being awarded to LuvJoy from the last hash.  He immediately set the tone for his circle activity for the day by drinking from the wrong hand and wearing a hat in the circle – offences to be paid for later on.

The Hares, Semen & Tits, proceeded to tell us lots of rubbish and lies about the route – no hills, short, and something detailed about checkbacks which always goes straight over my head.  And off we went to see just how much they had lied to us. 

Route took us on a scenic tour of Yalikavak.  The Hares had kindly included some nasty hill checks, and after the first, I made a mental note to ensure that I always slow down the second I hear the cry of “Check”.    Semen managed to do some magical Harry Potter action throughout the trail – one minute he would be behind you, and the next would suddenly materialize around the next corner still without having broken a sweat.

Fabulous viewing point gave us all a view to remind us of why Bodrum is such a beautiful place to be – although there was some debate about how long a pause qualifies as you stopping at a viewing point.  Frankly, after the steep climb up there, I thought it was the amount of time needed to regain the ability to breath whilst pretending to admire the scenery.

Shitter managed to escape with just a number of near-misses rather than actual accidents.  After almost going headfirst over a tripwire contraption that the Turkish road layers had put down (clearly without feeling the need for any hazard warning signs), he managed an amazing quickstep sideward dance move to avoid having his ankles munched on by a feisty beagle and its fellow furry friend.   The owner demonstrated his remorse by promptly informing Fishy Fingers that we mustn’t scare the dogs.

The site of the RV point and the boxes of cold beer were very welcome after the hot run.  With all runners and walkers back, the RA and GM started dishing out the usual medley of down downs, starting with the Hares and soon followed by visitors, returnees and those who had made the fatal mistake of deciding to wear new shoes.  LuvJoy’s continued his earlier performance by forgetting (or “not forgetting but not bringing”) his mug and almost not having any hash gear, so his downdowns had to be combined for fear of us running out of beer.   This fear was only accentuated when Shitter was brought into the circle.

Vacuum Cleaner took a birthday downdown through his horn, and the Irish drank to celebrate their outstanding performance at the Eurovision contest the night before.   The RA brought in the misnamers, plus the photos tell that there ewre various other downdowns, the reasons for which my memory completely fails me.  I must have been zoning out and thinking of the food to come.  As it was the Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day, there was a call for the youthful members of the group to come in and drink.  Many seemed to confuse youth with their mental age, but once this was rectified, the true youngsters were joined by the Turkish members of the hash to celebrate the day. 

After jokes from the RA and a final downdown for the goody-goodies, the circke closed and we headed down to the beach for the On On On at Sofis restaurant.  Great venue and thanks to the Hares for organizing a fabulous evening.

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