Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hash Trash - Run 127

Location: Kumköy
Hares: Lightfoot
Scribe: Fishy Fingers

An announcement was made in the circle following run 126 that the next hash would be set by Lightfoot and would be in in a forest out past Bodrum and we would have a BBQ afterwards. So preparations were made and transport arranged, when an hour or two before we were due to leave an urgent message was received from Lightfoot problems with the RV, the fire brigade were not happy with the mixture of fire and drinking (fair point). So change of RV and location for BBQ off we set. A very good turn out for a far afield hash 31 dedicated hashers turned out for the run in Kumköy.  After holding up the circle whilst waiting for 4 lost hashers they eventually found us and the circle was called. GM did his bit, and called in the hare to explain the run "usual lies" flat , short blah blah blah. Then we were informed there would be a double naming holiday hashers Zara and Chris who we were informed were in advertising and computers and were Dopey’s daughter and her partner.  Then in came RA to tell some lousy jokes (sorry) and do his "hokey cokey" warm up which actually consisted of not very graceful burpees!

To the call of On On off we set off into the forest where there immerged a new FRB a virgin hasher named Ilayda who is only 9 but boy could she run and amazingly she knew what all the marks were for (well done Nana Yvonne). The trail wound its way through lanes and the most beautiful forest.  Plenty of checks and back checks ensured that the pack stayed close together, although this may have been more to do with the fact that if the hare was to be believed there was a hook and the first 5 had to go back to the last check (believe me I was always at least 6th). Then it appeared on the horizon "the hook" suddenly a terrible pain overtook Shitter and he had to stop (shame on you!), leaving the hare Lightfoot to do the hook on his behalf. The pack then made its way back to the RV for a well-deserved beer or 2 as the 5km run promised by the hare turned out to be at least 9km.

The BBQs were lit the beers were flowing but the numbers didn't add up 31 hashers set off, 24 hashers had returned, where were the missing 7 . After several phone calls we located them they were on a road surrounded by trees mmmmm that narrows it down..... NOT. Armed with mobiles, off set a rescue party in 1 of the minibuses who found them 4km off trail (maybe somebody needs to explain to these dear hashers that the blue arrows are usually no more than 50m apart and if there are no arrows is not the right way lol).

The circle was called, down downs given for various offenses, returnees , virgins , wearing pink etc , songs were sung , more beer drunk, then into the circle to be named came Zara and Chris. Just as Zara was about to kneel she says “I have a rash”, oh dear, fate sealed GM calls out "Itchy Snatchy", yes came the answer from the circle, poor girl! In came Chris and the circle goes for "Rapid Download " ( he got off lightly if you ask me).

With the smell of the food cooking wafting across to us the circle was closed and we walked the short distance to the restaurant, for those who hadn't brought their own food there was a meal provided by the owner and drinks available to buy at a very reasonable price. An excellent choice of venue for a last minute change of location, well done Lightfoot.

The evening was great success and little hasher Ilayda decided we should have an open mike session we had turns from several hashers including the GM, but I have to say the star turn was definitely newly named hashers Itchy Snatchy and Rapid Download singing in the Style of Les Mis.

I have to once again thank Lightfoot for both an excellent trail and choice of venue.

On On Fishy Fingers!

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