Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hash Trash - Run 128

Location: Bitez
Hares: Comes Too Soon & Winey Bitch
Scribe: Pubes

Approximately 38 hashers gathered on a scorching hot afternoon on the outskirts of Bitez for Run 128. After the arrival of a few latecomers the circle was called. It was announced that there was to be 2 namings, and the namees (Yvonne and granddaughter, Ilayda) were invited in to circle to give us some details about themselves that might assist in the choosing of the names. The hares, Comes Too Soon and Yvonne, were then invited to tell the usual lies about the route. This done the RA commenced a stretching and warm up session, clad for some strange reason in a balaclava. On on was called and we headed down hill towards Bitez.

The heat was indeed scorching, but fortunately much of the route was shaded, which was a welcome relief. The walkers route was also fairly short which was also a welcome relief, particularly as some hashers were feeling a little hungover (you know who you are). So the walkers headed back to the RV to imbibe a few cold Efes and wait patiently for runners who had a much longer and hillier route. With the majority of runners returning shortly it came to light that this was not the full route and they had got lost due to poor marking by the hares (oh dear). However King Crapper and Run Fat Boy Run had managed to figure it out and eventually returned having completed the whole route.

The circle was then called by the GM who first welcomed a guest hasher who was visting from Kuwait.   Downdowns were also given to newcomers and returnees. The New GM was also given a present for his new appointment by Secondhand Dishwasher, in the form of a very special beer dispensing hat.

Time now for the naming ceremonies. Yvonne was given the appropriate name of WINEY BITCH, alluding to her penchant for a certain drink and her ability to nag at Comes Too Soon.  The 10 year old Ilayda then came forward displaying a confidence and attitude beyond her years, which resulted in the name MISS ATTITUDE.

With namings done, the usual RA shenanigans began with down downs for the usual misdemeanors and Seaman introducing new songs to accompany them. A few veterans also entered the circle in the form of Barrel, Stalker and Clocks to show the RA how joke telling should be done. With the circle FINALLY drawing to a close, many hashers headed to a seafront restaurant Bitez for the ON ON ON.

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