Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Hash Trash - Run 130

Location: Turgutreis/Kadikalesi
Date: Sunday,  11 August 2013
Hares: Doggy style & Fishy Fingers
Scribe: Flasher

Run 130 was held in Turgutreis/Kadikalesi and was hared by Doggy Style and Fishy Fingers. The RV was held at the camel wrestling ground in Turgutreis, almost on top of the Aegean Sea or The toilet as it soon became known... The circle was called at smack on 5pm by the GM with Run Fat Boy Run making it by the skin of his teeth, he'd been sorting out the BBQ was his lame excuse. The GM got the circle going with a joke and then plonking the naming hat on one of the virgins, Matthew. The RA (Semen) then gave the pack their warm up, it was different for sure, the actions of Father Abraham but no song, some of the youngsters there were very bemused. The hares were then called into the circle to tell us the friendly hash fibs, which they did, short, cool, cocktail pit stop, flat etc etc. On on was called.

Thankfully we had two thoughtful hares who gave a good hilly run for the frb's and a shorter not so hilly route for the walkers. We all head off together, old hashers, young hashers and just plain daft hashers, straight across the beach and on to Kadikalesi, great marks and plenty of circles, the pack soon split so by the time we got to Kadikalesi we could make out exactly where we were going, up, up and up, up up, well some did, some sneaked off along the flat road back to Turgutreis but my memory is poor, I can't for the life of me remember who it was?

A couple of sneaky hashers returned back first to the RV shortly followed by the frb's,  within fifteen minutes we were all back supping efes, coke and eating lollies. The GM entertained us once again with another fabulous joke (I have to say that ;)) then the RA began his crazy half hour of down downs. Hares first for the rubbish hash then I think he called the mis-namers, the virgins, Connor, Mathew, Isobel and Skye, the returnees, one being very confused as he couldn't recall where he had left his keys, the hashers adorning pink, new shoes, t potting and then I luvs punk and Pubic enemy number one had their final down down with Smirnoff ice from the Bodrum Hash as they are shortly moving away to pastures green.

Mathew was then called in and knelt upon the mat with his big mug of beer, he knelt Mathew, drank his mug of beer without spilling a drop and then rose Driving up the rear!

The circle was then handed back to the GM and ononon was called,we all adjourned to the beach for a BBQ/picnic. To our total amazement there was a beautiful table set out, cutlery, glasses, serviettes, plates, wine and beer, you could feel the excitement amongst us then bang realisation set in. it was only for the chosen four the rest of us minions had to sit on our backsides on the beach ;) They did throw pieces of bread and salad throughout the evening and let us use their personal toilet so not all bad!

Thank you to both hares, a great hash and fabulous ononon, nobody waited and everyone enjoyed their meal especially the queen and crew, well done girls, maybe the beach is the way forward whilst we have good weather.

I think I can now speak for all of the hash, we wish Mandy and Trevor every happiness in their new home, we will all miss you pair of buggers so much, you have been great hashers joining in with setting hashes, writing the trash and just generally entertaining us, good luck guys, you will both be missed greatly.

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