Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Hash Trash - Run 131

Location: Turgutreis
Date: Sunday, 25 August 2013
Hares: Pisser & Flasher
Scribe: Fishy Fingers

Sunday 25th August a hot sunny afternoon and a group of hashers (27 I think but I forgot to count) met at the base of Mount Turgutreis for a fun filled afternoon /evening (late night for some of us! ).The RA had done his job and arranged the good weather and the circle was called .GM called in the hares (himself and oops I think he made a big mistake in failing to acknowledge his better half Flasher as fellow hare) usual porkies flat (we do have eyes) short etc. Then onto the announcement of a new award at the start of each run a mention (and rosette) for the Hasher Of Note (HON-er) from the previous run awarded by the hares from that run for something outstanding (good or bad) that deserves a mention. The first 2 choices from the previous run weren't in attendance so 3rd choice (sorry) went to RFBR for leading the FRBs the wrong way.  Then in came the RA for some usual jokes (at least that's what he says they are). The On On On was to be a BBQ/picnic on the beach afterwards so no numbers /orders needed, so to the cries of ON ON off we went .

The runners soon started to climb the hill to check and on on was called only to discover a nasty back check, back down we went and further along only to restart the ascent, we all had a good idea where we were heading to a viewing point by the flagpole on the top of the mountain, by the time we got there I was suffering altitude sickness (or maybe that was my hangover) and the sight of a beer/water stop was an oasis in the desert. View taken in and thirst quenched off we went again, at this point the more optimistic of us thought we were as high as we could go, how wrong were they! The walkers went on a slightly easier route with the runners scrambling up the hillside through brambly type bushes (ouch) or along a slightly easier path for those who listened to the hare, and up and around the highest point we went. We then started descending and winding back around the mountain we headed back to the RV for much needed refreshments all arriving back within a few minutes of each other.  Another excellent trail thoroughly enjoyed by all!

The circle was called and GM called some down downs (my memory is definitely going be it with age or alcohol but I am struggling to think what they were for), told some jokes then handed over to the RA who called in and gave down downs to virgin hashers young and old , returnees, misnamers (oh there were plenty), new shoes for Cradle Snatcher saw her drinking from both shoes for some reason and double portions given by her own mother Pussy Galore, how  cruel! New hasher Rory was called in to show us a bit of air guitar with Pisser as support!  Then various other down downs and out of tune hash songs given by the RA (I am going to be in so much trouble!) Before long, ON ON ON was called and we headed in convoy to the beach.

 Once on the beach it became apparent of the poor/rich divide, some of us had soggy butties and some had gas BBQs, top tables worthy of a wedding reception and choice cuts of meat. The hares even pulled some live entertainment out of the bag (or off the street, poor soul didn't know what had hit him) with a Turkish guy paying guitar and singing for us! A very pleasant evening was had by all with some of us staying until very very late as we were so relaxed.  Thank you again to the hares for an excellent trail and On On On!

Fishy Fingers.

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