Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Friday, 25 October 2013

Hash Trash - Run 135

Location: Yalikavak
Date: Sunday, 20 October 2013
Hares: Semen & Tits
Scribe: Helmet Polisher & Hose Handler

It was beautiful weather at a great location, good directions easy to find. Seaman looked a bit concerned at the arrival of a bulldozer across the trail but all was well (What do you expect from a former RA)!!

Poor Fishy Fingers was really brave or foolish to have managed to turn up very very "unwell", even a twix and Red Bull didn't do the trick (Must of had a dodgy peanut the night before!!) Wild Rover as usual turned up late must be he was on Irish time!! He was "sporting" a rather fetching new hair do I thought he looked at least twenty years younger I think!!

Pussy Galore was the star of the hash as it was her last (97th) before locating to Yorkshire, poor her with a cold winter predicted brrrr!!

The trail was great with some spectacular views. The dry river bed was great for keeping runners back a bit, nice short cuts for the walkers & some good roads for the runners to pound down & we did enjoy it!! (Nice one Seaman & Tits).

The runners all came back at once with Lovejoy leading the way but we did see Sugar Puff resting on a rock (she must of ran like the wind so quick) So we waited for a few minutes for the walkers to come in & it was noticed that Butt Butt & Helmet Polisher came in the wrong way but at least they got back safely. As Pisser took a tumble the day before & bruised his ankle (must be the new shoes) he walked round so we waited for his return to get the beers out.

The circle started with Pussy Galore called in first with honour & cheers a good last down down for her, she will be greatly missed by all especially Helmet Polisher at the beer table!! Then the hares were called in (Seaman & Tits) & after a bit of heckling from the crowd they were dispatched with a down down. Then the returnees were called in Wild Rover & Piss Pot were given a down down, Wild Rover was called back in to the circle for his outlandish "hairstyle" another down down for him. Then the GM called in Fishy Fingers & asked her for the receipt for the chocolate & drink, after a bit of searching she couldn't find it & there it was in the RAs hand so a down down was given to her for "littering" Mind you it did fall out of her pocket.

A few more jokes told by the RA & the GM very good ones as well hehe!! A few more down downs were dispatched, then the circle was closed & off to the Curry House for a lovely meal & a few more beers.

A good Hash was had by all.

See you on the next one.
On On !

Written by Helmet Polisher & typed by Hose Handler.

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