Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Friday, 22 November 2013

Hash Trash - Run 137

Location: Turgutreis
Date: Sunday, 17 November 2013
Hares: Doggy Style & Fishy Fingers
Scribe: Vacuum Cleaner

Meeting at the D marine in PJ’s on a ‘full moon’ hash was always going to be weird, but as if that was bad enough, the PJ’s worn only reminded us of teletubbies on a bad day…no wonder these moo’s have very little activity in the bed room department!!

The replacement RA (hose handler) greeted the pack with a beautiful joke about aliens and fuel pumps, but as always the pressure of the undeserving bunch forced him to fluster mainly being led astray by Helmet polisher who was the first to heckle him!! After the hares (fish fingers & Doggie style) lied about the run details, we were blinded by the array of lights coming off the heads of those well prepared hashers…useless really as the brightness of the moon led us on our way, only wishing I’d brought a light too!

The stupid ones amongst us ran the wrong way, looking for marks which were obviously washed out by the hard working road cleaners of Turgutreis that work only at 6pm on a Sunday evening according to FF, utterly convinced she was right we followed again her the right way heading towards Fener lighthouse along the coastal path. A beautiful trail if there’s light! But in the dark a haunted path through a strange park, praying no one would attack us and lucky not to have our throats cut. We found another path would lead us back to the coast road and eventually to a check. At this point just like the children’s rhyme, ‘the wise old duke of York’, Shitter would guide us to the top of the hill, being that wise old man we’d expected his words to be utterly true and so turned about to run back down again but when we were down, we were down!! And when they were half way up, he’d led us back up again! Because he didn’t check properly!

Lovejoy blasted his way around looking for marks, which could only be found by him, no one else could be bothered. Many such marks made him run back to us, but as we had long since suspected the hook would be in such a direction, we followed the GM instead on a flat plain toward the harbour and ONIN. The welcome site of whilst your down there in her cow/cat suit was only made better only after several refreshing beers. A circle was formed in the car park and hares were given first DD’s for causing such pain.

The returnees VC & SP who never left cos they love BH3 were awarded DD’s for not leaving when their supposed too! The best dressed PJ’s awards were given with Butt butt & Flasher who looked like something out of victoria’s secret…..NOT! wearing what can only be described as a mouse/dog costume, well both had ears anyway…and could have been anything really!!

VC told a joke to show the new RA how it’s done and ofcourse it was rubbish!! But he use Doggy style as a prop (she was the cowboys horse) which earned a few points! The closing was marked with a verse from blue moon….few people knew the words. The ‘ononon’ was at Carlos pizzeria, because the GM was in attendance, the quality of the food and service was incredible, the table was a wash with food never normally offered, even free ice cream was given in order to mark the occasion. All in all a fun time. On On VC.

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