Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Hash Trash - Run 138

Location: Bitez
Date: Sunday, 1 December 2013
Hares: Hose Handler & Helmet Polisher
Scribe: Going Down & Go Go Gadget

This will be a very short trash, as was the run J. With the storm clouds threatening the pack gathered at the RV, most wearing their wet weather clothing (not much faith in the new RA yet then). The start circle was called and amongst the usual announcements, the GM presented Lightfoot with the hashit, for being late at the last hash he attended and keeping the pack waiting, the GM then gave Knockers some walking sticks and a helmet to protect herself if she was to fall over yet again. Also the outgoing RA (vacuum cleaner) presented the incoming RA (Hose handler) with a part of himself (a vacuum cleaner head (head who said head)) as a memento, so he would not be forgotten (as if anyone could). The RA decided that a warm up was in order, Bodrum has had an ex Army RA and an ex Navy RA, who each, when RA, had their own versions of warm ups, now the incumbent RA is an ex fireman, a totally different warm up as the attending hashers must agree.

The on on was called and off we went for a very pleasant run around Bitez, partly along the beach and partly around the back streets and arriving back at the start point, first back being Whilst you’re Down There and the first runner back being Lightfoot.

The circle was called and the down downs started to be awarded, the hare’s being called in and the pack stating what they thought of the trail, and then returning hashers Knockers, Old Peculier Lightfoot, Going Down and Go Go Gadget were called in. Doggy Style was called in for the heinous crime of wearing new shoes. Mis-namers were called in, Whilst You’re Down There, Fishy Fingers, Knockers, Helmet Polisher, Butt Butt, Flasher and Going Down, that didn’t leave many hashers out of the circle!!!, unusually, there were no goodie goodies. The RA told a joke, and this apparently is a first, he remembered the punch line. The RA also did well as the rain held off so the wet weather gear was not required, oh! Ye of little faithJ. There were other awards given, but with my memory being what it is, I have forgotten what they were for.

The On On On was at Sandy’s in Gumbet where they have one of the best steak pie’s we have tasted.
Well done hare’s and thank you BH3, see you all again soon.

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