Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Friday, 3 January 2014

Hash Trash - Run 140

Location: Turgutreis
Date: Sunday, 29 December 2013
Hares: Fishy Fingers & Doggy Style
Scribe: Tits

The RA did is us proud and we had a bright sunny day, blue skies all round  for the BH3 Twixmas  run. The hares, Fishy Fingers and Doggy Style set the hash in a treasure hunt format this time around the town of Turgutries, and the dress theme was "Things you wouldn't be seen dead in". Pubes and Fishy fingers made a sterling effort in their brightly coloured shell suits (did I see pink), turning a few heads on the way. Other hashers turned up and rugby and football shirts of the teams they least support.

The pack gathered at the marina and the mulled wine was most welcome.  The honour went to Fishy fingers for always being the last out of the pub (at anytime not just after the On On On), always saying "just one more :-)". Definitely the  hangover queen of the Bodrum Hash.
We were split into 2 teams and the hares had a list of questions which were clues to each point on the trial. We set off one team going in the reverse direction to the other and meeting in the middle ish for a beer stop.

The clues lead us all over Turgutries town and a "proof of visit" photo was taken of the team at each stop. So hence the poses in front of Boom Bar, Sunset restaurant, , Statue at marina, Cool Breeze bar, various hotels, the Turkish bath, the market,  Mc Donalds, Customs place, Camelot, Sabanci Park to name a few.  We had a very nice beer stop or two at The Local Bar, where Pisser accused Butt-Butt of bringing her own transport... a broomstick!

We got back to the marina, just after dark as Doggy Styles team caught sight of a lovely seal. Or were they all stopping to impersonate Pisser?????

We welcomed the Visitors of Pubes and daughter Charlotte, returnees, and just about everyone was called in for not using hash names while on the hash.

Hose hander go a down down for something and had to drink through a yucky hoover end. Rather him than me. Fishy Finders got her down down in the Tea pot.

New Xmas Naughty down down songs were sang, and went down very well. Each hasher had to tell a little joke too.

We had the naming of the lovely Skye, Muffin Muncher was chosen as her hash name. I'm sure she will be so proud of this... as her dad wanted her named Twat!

 A wonderful meal was provided by the Italian. Well done Gian Carlos - a fantastic meal! So much food and really delicious. Secret Santa gifts were picked out the bag, chocolates, mugs, hotty bottles, wine, cushions oh a much loved torch! A good time had by all.

All the best to all the hashers and have a Happy New Year!

On On On

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