Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Hash Trash - Run 141

Location: Ortakent
Date: Sunday, 12 January 2014
Hares: Butt Butt & Doggy Style
Scribe: Flasher

We all gathered at the RV on the outskirts of Ortakent, a good amount of winter warrior hashers all ready to shed the extra pounds of Christmas and New Year, well some of us were for sure, me being one of the them.

The GM called the circle at 2pm sharp, first called in for a down down were the FRB’s from the last treasure hunt hash, Whilst you’re down there and Tits, apparently they had stopped for a bathroom break and actually ran to catch the pack up, this is almost unheard of. The honor award was presented to Muffin Muncher as she had very cleverly spotted a baby seal swimming in the sea on the previous hash, well done Muffin Muncher. The hares Butt Butt and Doggy Style were then called into the circle to explain and tell the usual bull about the trail. Flat, short etc etc... Orders were taken for the ononon and then we were off.

The trail was a long one, the hares informed us it had taken them 5 hours to set the trail and that they had used something like 20kg of flour, slight exaggeration but a lot! I think there were about 8 runners and 8 walkers, the runners were soon quite a way out front and so were both hares, a panicked phone call from the walkers asking which way to go and one of the hares waited for them to catch up. The trail was lovely, lots of greenery and lanes and of course a fab view of the Aegean. We actually went along the beach for part of the trail which again was great, I really love hashing at this time of year, no tourists about just plenty of open space, winter sun and fresh air, it makes you realise how lucky we are to be living in such a beautiful part of the world. I think it was nigh on 2 hours later, we all arrived back at the RV, it was a long hash and certainly blew the cob webs away but our RA did us proud and kept the weather at a very pleasant temperature so it didn’t actually seem as long as it was, although one of the hashers (GM) did the runners route and I think maybe 2 km of the walkers route!  The circle was once again called and the GM invited in the returnees, it was great to see all of the returnees but especially good to see our daddy of the hash Culture Vulture who had been absent without leave for quite some time. Our one and only virgin Karen was then invited in, she’s so shy I didn’t think she would have gone in the circle but she bounced in like a little gazelle.

The RA then started his stint with a joke, well he started the joke but forgot the middle and end but it all added to the fun. Down downs were given for all the usual misdemeanours, teapot, misnaming, goody goody etc... Then a couple of the hashers got in and told a joke, Muffin Muncher, Fishy Fingers and Karen our virgin so well done you ladies.

Time was getting on now so the circle was called to a close and the majority of us headed off to Viras in Ortakent for a well deserved munch. Great hash for the New Year ladies and fabulous ononon.

On On

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