Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Monday, 24 February 2014

Hash Trash - Run 142

A lovely sunny Sunday afternoon in January and one that the weather forecast had predicted heavy rain for so well done R.A. A group of keen hashers met by the football stadium for run 142. At 2pm the circle was called and the GM awarded the reinstated FRB award for the previous hash and gave it to Flasher and Helmet polisher for a sterling effort on the marathon (sorry hash ) that was run 141.Then the HONer for the previous hash was awarded by the hares and was given to Pisser as it was his 100th run and was overlooked . The R.A came in a joke and then the hares were called in to give their usual lies , short , flat blah blah. A warm up to limber us up and On On was called .

We headed off down towards the beachfront in the picturesque beachfront in Gumusluk and soon after it became apparent that either the hares were being frugal with the flour or something was amiss as the trail was becoming less and less marked . Then we saw a group of ladies with a carrier bag and a dustpan and brush who were sweeping away our trail . A quick work from Butt Butt and it was discovered that we had inadvertently caused an uproar , the animal rights people were currently holding an emergency meeting in Gumusluk and our markings had become the main topic. A frantic phonecall and we learned that the Zabita and Janderme were also out clearing away the markings ! But not to be beat we carried on regardless in the general direction we thought we should be going , the result was a very pleasant walk or run around the village. Heading back towards the RV the pack came back all pretty much within a few minutes of each other . Culture Vulture came back saying it was the only time he had ever given up looking for the trail and seeing as though it had been swept away by every Tom Dick and Harry he would have been looking for it forever !

The circle was called and in came the GM to award down downs to virgins, returnees and a virgin hasher hare. The RA came in and gave a joke with the prompting from his wife , down downs given for various other misdemeanors , then Pisser was called in and given a large port down down for his 100th run the previous hash. More camaraderie followed then we headed off to the On On On which was being held at Whilst You’re Down Theres home and was a delicious curry and swwet and sour made by Pisser and an apple crumble and chocolate tart made by Helmet Polisher . The food was heavenly , we ate we drank and we had a good old laugh . All in all another excellent Bodrum hash !!

On On Fishy Fingers !

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