Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Hash Trash - Run 145

Well there was a definite feeling of spring in the air as 16 enthusiastic hashers met in a beautiful bay in Golkoy , the setting was idyllic the weather was good despite the forecast of rain . From the look on the hares faces as we all arrived we could tell it was going to be tough as they had literally just finished setting the hash as we arrived ( shame on you for not having faith in the RA to provide good weather). The circle was called and GM stepped in to welcome everyone to run 145 ,a brief intro then FRB from the last hash was called in for a down down , then the HONor was awarded to Lightfoot for appearing late at the last hash albeit after a long bike ride. Hares in to tell usual pack of lies flat , short etc etc then a warm up with a bit of tossing instruction from CV ( pancakes tossing of course ), and off we went.

The runners soon sprinted ahead of the pack only to be held up by a wrong call of on on , after about 1 ½ km the trail split into walkers and runners , with the runners heading into the village and the walkers heading straight up the mountain. The runners had a few checks to hold them up and then following a run along the beach and a stream to step across they were heading up the mountain after the walkers . The views from the top were amongst the most beautiful ones on the whole peninsular and worth the hike up there ( I think ) . Just over an hour later and everyone was heading back to the RV with an injured CV bringing up the rear ( I believe that Hose Handler tripped him up as he didn’t want to be last home ). A good challenging hash had everyone reaching for the refreshments , or in the case of Lightfoot and our two new hashers taking a dip in the sea, (at which point Winey Bitch moved quicker than the speed of light to get photos) I personally went for the beer option that sea is too cold for me.

Circle up was called and the hares were called in for their heckling, followed by Fishy Fingers to explain about our “away” hash to Pubes and I Loves Punk at their new home next hash. Two virgin hashers and a “Virgin” returnee were then called in for respective down downs. Virgin hasher Paul was called in with wife Suzanne for holding hands all the way around and “having sex “ on the hash ,he thinks we need to get out more. CV then took the circle and had the hares in to remind them that a 4km ON IN is the longest he has ever known , but as Fishy Fingers pointed out there have been complaints recently of less than challenging runs and he can’t have it both ways , to which he conceded it was a good hash. Then there was a reprimand from the RA for lack of hash gear and a reminder that we have a Birthday run coming up so there will be chance to purchase new gear . Lots more down downs were given for various misdemeanours including wearing pink , misnaming and shortcutting. Gm Hosehandler came in to tell one of his infamous jokes and gave us a giggle as he once again forgot the punchline much to Helmet Polishers discomfort. Beers were finished circle was called and off we all headed in convoy to the On On On an little lokanta in the village with delicious freshly cooked food at very reasonable prices .

Well done hares another thoroughly enjoyable hash!!

On On Whilst You’re Down There !

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