Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Hash Trash - Run 154

Scribble  of BH3  run 154
On the day of 1st of June 2014 afternoon  around 17:09:32 Bodrum Hashers got together under the New carriageway of Ortakent. The Opening Circle was chosen to  be executed  inside the tunnel echoing the voices of GM and RA
Following the welcome speech and   asking CV to take the pleasure of being the FRB on run 153, RA took the command and invited Doggy style and butt butt  to explain about the  hash route  and on on venue after the run. The hares explain that the run was very flat and there was only one on on marked at junctions where poor front runners to watch carefully before they shouted “on on”. The track was very flat but we were going through a private property guarded by some dogs. This gave a nice chilling expectation to the runners. On On On was at the Golf Club and volunteers for experimenting this venue eagerly raised their hands to be counted.
I don’t know if Love Joy’s dog Vodka took much notice of what was said it showed that his interest was not concentrated in the track but elsewhere so Love joy had to use both hands to restrain Vodka and I took the advantage of taking Love Joys snake stick as if I were helping him but my real motive was to be ready for guard dogs assault en route.
The track was very good not many hills to negotiate and we were able to do a lot of ankle strengthening exercises by running in a dried up creek bed.
We have not encountered any dog attack during the passage of private property.  False tracks caused a few front runners confused look on their faces as they could not spot the only one mark for on on. Walkers had a good time and at the end all runners and walkers arrived at the circle more or less same time.
GM kindly invited the Hares and asked runners opinion about the run as usual “rubbish” came out but all new that it was a good run. After Hares, returnees, tea pots and new comers being rewarded with a cup of beer, CV as RA asked Dopey (me) to be the scribe. I had not much of a chance to say no. In the absence of any help from fishy fingers and having a Dopey mind I cannot remember a lot to scribe. I would suggest that scribe to be told at the starting circle so he/she would try to keep things in mind.
On On On was held at the Ortakent Gulf club and both the food and settings were very good. Hashers had good food and drink as well as nice conversations.  Gob shite tried all his skills to have his drinks paid by his fellow hashers. Vodka was very upset about not sitting at the table so he showed his displeasure by pulling the serving table with plates and crockery  away from the main table and causing  a bit embarrassment to Love joy and  taken away to the car as punishment for his  bad behaviour.
For a change the whole run and on on on went without any one getting pissed or upset by. The event ended early and pleasantly I have no idea if anyone got carried on to the local bars . If  they did and I was not invited I was not upset by it either .
On On


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