Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Hash Trash - Run 158

Run 158 : Akyarlar / Turgutreis Sunday 27th July 2014
Hares : Culture Vulture & Virgin
Scribe : Happy

Thank you RA for providing us with excellent weather and a superb location (even though we did have to negotiate an off road rally to get there.) No worries about onlookers  watching us drink alcohol in public - we were in the middle of nowhere with eagles soaring above us! Idylic !! The circle was called and the GM was just about to start when another car arrived leaving a trail of dust behind it - it was Dopey - late again!!!!  The cicle resumed once Salim had parked up.   2 handicaps were handed out by the RA one to Stalker and one to Salim but no explanation as to why was given at this point. All would be revealed later after the trail. It was announced that there was to be a naming of Kieren and a few suggestions were made as he was handed his teletubbies style hat which he was to wear for the duration of the hash -phew in that heat !!! The hares were called in and announced that this was going to be a short run - we've heard that before! but it turned out that they were telling the truth!! We all set off on the trail with Hash Dash and Hose Handler setting the pace. Bringing up the rear was Stalker who was determined to try to complete his first ever Hash. Half way round he did have to have a 10 minute rest to take pressure off his back but then he soldiered on to the end arriving back at the RV not too far behind everyone else. After we had all had a much needed drink the circle was called. Various down downs were awarded Happy and Stalker were in the circle again for becoming new grandparents! Those Kellys breed well!! RA was given a down down for wearing odd shoes ! very odd!!! It was then time to reveal why dopey was given the tin helmet to wear - apparently he had fallen arse over tits (RA 's words not mine!) on the previous hash so it was for his protection and Stalker was awarded the hash Shit for failing to return the BH3 sings to Culture Vulture. Each were given a down down.  Then out of the hash bag came a bunch of T-shirts to be awarded to each hasher who completes 100 runs with BH3 a lovely Bodrum scene on the front and the hash logo on the back each to be personalized with indelible marker by the hasher it is given to . So in stepped Culture Vulture, Virgin , Hose Handler and Helmet Polisher to receive theirs and sign them ! Next the naming - various suggestions were made but as he is a serious Minecraft fan a name of one of the characters was chosen CREEPER  and so Kieren was duly named.  Having exhausted all reasons to hand out down downs the circle was closed and we all headed off into the sunset!              

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