Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Hash Trash - Run 156

Run 156 - Gumusluk ( Sunday 29th June 2014)
Hares : Tits & Up For Anything 
Scribe : Fishy Fingers 

On a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon we all gathered together ( eventually) at the football field ( the new one of course) in Gumusluk and when the circle was eventually called Shitter was given a down down by the GM for fist home on the previous  run. The hares were called in to explain the marking of the trail and it was announced that there would be a refreshment stop at Tits house ( those who knew where she lived now groaned in anticipation of the length of the run and the size of the hill ) . They also announced that the On On On would be held in the beautiful garden of I.L.C and The Only Gay in the Village by BBQ or picnic . Then came the request to rename I.L.C as some hashers were uncomfortable saying her name , so for the first time in the history of BH3 we were asked to think of a new hash name . Also it was decided to name two other hashers who had done a few hashes so Debbie and Uktu were to get hash names too. The RA then held the circle and did his thing ( sorry my memory is bad) and Hash Flash Butt Butt asked if we could take a group photo each hash so she doesn’t have to take 400 pics each hash ( sorry Butt Butt only joking ). So when this was taken On On was called .

Off we set towards the picturesque sea front of Gumusluk that’s so pretty all year round , then off around the coast road for the 10 mile hike towards a well needed refreshment stop . The last hill proved to slow the runners down as they continued checking up and down for marks and pretty much all together runners and walkers arrived at the oasis . There waiting for us was a delicious sangria or wine or beer or soft drinks available . Many thanks to Tits mum for being the a wonderful hostess along with Tits . Sadly we knew the trail was only ½ done so off we set again ( or for those who wished a lift back was available ) . Back along the road we went this time with stunning views from above amd when the views are like that no one really noticed how long the trail was . Eventually we all arrived back safely to the RV, and the circle was called .

In came the hares and it was agreed it was a excellent hash that really stretched our legs . Next up down downs for the usual suspects misnamers , pink ,virgins and returnees , then in came CV with a bag belonging to King Crapper and a tale relayed how the bag had been lost and locked and he earned a down down for his mistake. Next up were gifts aplenty for the hashers who should have gone to the Nash Hash in Ordu but didn’t make it lovely lilac T-shirts sporting the Ordu badge .Then onto the namings and renaming , up first I.L.C names were thrown in but nothing that captured us so back out she went. Next up Debbie there were a few suggestions but Ikki Su proved most popular ( due to her carrying 2 bottles of water around  the entire run) , in she went to drink her litre of beer and was named . Next up Uktu again plenty of suggestions but most popular Sticky Fingers as she designed the stickers for the hash a couple of years ago , in for beer and duly named she joined the Finger Family !. Then as we were about to head off to eat I.L.C made a comment About being “Up For Anything” oops there it was her new name so in for another litre of beer she came and for the 1st time in BH3 history there was renaming so our circle of happy hashers closed the circle and went to eat with wonderful hospitality again from Up for Anything and The Only Gay in the Village . All in all another excellent hash from BH3 !

On On Fishy Fingers !

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