Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Monday, 25 August 2014

Hash Trash - Run 160

Run 160 Turgutreis Sunday 24th August 5pm
Hares : Hose Handler & Shitter
Scribe : Anonymous

It was a hot steamy early evening & 20+ keen (or mad) hashers turned up on Turgetreis beach ready & willing to run/walk a good 6/7km The Gm called the circle together at 5pm to give the front runner last hash the down down well done Shitter! Then the hare were called in Shitter & Hose Handler & after a few TALL stories ie flat short all down hill they were done. Then the RA was called in & he told the virgin runners about the finer details of how the is set ie circles & check backs, then he called on on & the intrepid runners were off under a big dust cloud phew!!!
The "run" started nicely plenty of circles & back checks to keep the front runners from zooming off in the heat of the day, through some lovely fields full of cows & wild bulls (I am not a country person) don't know how to deal with the wild animals!! After a few more back checks we hit the main road & one of the hares said to a few walkers that there is a "short cut" just turn left onto the road for a few hundred yards then you will be back on the trail, so a few "volunteers" took up the challenge. Of course the runners & a few fast walkers took up the long route so off we went & of course it was all uphill We attacked the hills with gusto there was a few back checks all on the top of hills well done Helmet Polisher she went to the top of one hehe!! Then as we got down from the hilly bit we had to get across the main road & there was Hose Handler  waiting for us telling the way as we had to go through a hotel & it was marked the day before but the old hose reel was out & all the marks were washed away we had to run past a very smelly cess pit pow wee did that pong!!! then there was a very nice ahh moment we had to go past a load of new puppies we had to make sure the Muffin Muncher didn't smuggle one into her backpack I know she would have if she could. Then a nice run along the beach & back to the on in!! Well done one & all.
When all the runners/walkers all puffed & panted back the GM called the circle together & straight away he called in the hares Shitter & Hose Handler & of course after a few bits of banter from the crowd they got a down down, (well done you two) then the GM called in King Crapper for a special down down as he has hit a mile stone in the Bodrum hash he has done 50 hashes so full to the brim with water (he was driving) a very nice tankard was awarded to him well done KC The returnees were called in there were five of them to many to mention a down down was given then there were two vir-gins (rare in Bodrum) friends of Tits they got a down down, Then it was the turn of the RA in he came & straight away he got Stalker in for the tea pot stance ( I think Stalker enjoys a few down downs) In came Fishy Fingers for a down down for nearly getting the hash shit for not doing all the admin but Fishy being Fishy she pulled through well done. Just as she was going back the RA called her back in for another down down as she is celebrating her twenty first birthday on Friday. Then Helmet Polisher "reminded" the RA that it was Hose Handlers birthday next week so a down down was given to him, (Apparently he is 21+21+17) Just as he walking back to the circle old hawk eyes RA noticed he was wearing a new pair of trainers so back he came he did say something about being second hand but that was dismissed straight away so off came his trainer for a down down (nice) Then the RA called in Shitter & Butt Butt for they were getting a bit loved up I think they were holding hands the young lovers a quick down down was given to them as we were getting a few stares from the locals so we had to stop on the qui__
So we all went to another part of the beach where Stalker & I love Clocks had a huge bbq ready for some good grub & a few beers & a good hash & good food was had by all.
So well done Shitter & Hose Handler.
From the Mysterious Scribe!!!?

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