Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Hash Trash - Run 162

Location : Çukurbük
Hares : King Crapper & Gobshite 
Scribe : Virgin

Hi Hashers,

This is the last of the Summer runs starting at 17:00.  The next one will be at 14:00 and probably a bit cooler, but in the middle of Kurban Bayram.  We set out with a car (pick-up truck) full of beer etc., and my lovely niece and family to try to find the RV.  We thought it was Çukurbük (as per instructions), but there were no signs or cars parked on the beach.  So we called Old Wreck to check where the hares could be and if we were in the right location.  We were informed that we were in the right location, but Gobshite needed a map.  So the hares were on their way to put the signs up.  After a dozen of cars arrived not knowing where to go, King Crapper arrived with the signs saying we had been in the right place all the time.

The rest of the hashers arrived and we were promised a very flat run, but never believe a hare!  We took off running and had some extra loops and the walkers on shorter loops.  We did upset some of the locals in King Crapper’s site and they called the management and Jandarma as they thought there is some trouble ahead.  Our stand-in GM, Dopey managed to calm them down.  We then went down to King Crapper and Old Wreck’s House for a beer stop, but Dopey of course missed that as he short-cutted.

The first in from the run was GM, Dopey, short-cutting and, of course, we will get you at the start of the next run to slow you down with an Efes.  The circle called in my niece, husband and son, several virgins and returnees.  It was good to see Lightfoot back with his bi-annual haircut.  Take note it doesn’t happen every year!  Gobshite took the prize of the year with his joke 99…99…1, 2, 3….  If you weren’t there you have to ask him.

My relatives truly enjoyed the hashing experience and I had to buy them Hash T-shirts as they intend to visit other hashes in the future plus ours, of course.

Thank you King crapper, Old Wreck & Gobshite for a great hash day.


P.S.  We are now on to the Fethiye’s 9th Birthday

Also a quick note from our hosts of Run 162 OnOnOn

'Thank all who attended and we are delighted to advise that with the proceeds of the evening we have purchased three large (15Kg) sacks each of cat food and dog food. These are destined for reliable people who feed street animals in Turgutreis and Gumusluk'
Many thanks

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