Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Hash Trash - Run 171

Run 171
When : 25th January 2015
Hare : Culture Vulture
Location : Gumusluk
Scribe : Fishy Fingers

Run 171 was to take place from the home of Culture Vulture and Virgin , the weather forecast was very mixed so brave experience hare Culture Vulture announced he was to set a live run .
So a dedicated crowd of hashers gathered and were ready and waiting to begin at 2pm , however we were delayed by our lovely Turkish ladies timekeeping as the called to say they were running late and turned up 10 minutes late ( thats 1 down down we knew was coming later ) . Our RA started the circle briefly (before he set off to mark the run ) by handing the Hash Shit to Cums too Soon for denying his birthday on the previous hash .The GM then took the circle and after a respectable head start we set off in chase of the hare .

We set off through the lanes of Gumusluk and Luvjoy suggested it might be easy to choose the correct route at the checks due to the amount of mud there would be CVs large fresh footprints but no our RA is too long in the tooth to make a simple mistake like that and  he was determined to make us hunt him down . The live run meant plenty of checks though (16 in total) so the pack was mainly kept together . The hare had also promsied us a short run but as he heard no sound of us behind him he added an extra loop on the end making the run a respectable 6.5km .

When we were all safely back to the RV the circle was called under cover as the promised rain arrived , good work from the RA though as the whole of the actual run remained dry.various down downs were awarded , late comers , tea pots , you name it a down down was given for it .

The On On On was at the small pide house in Gumusluk and was delicious as always and the wine glasses very large and very cheap which is always a winner , So huge thanks to Culture Vulture for another excellent live run and On On to the next hash .

On On Fishy Fingers !!

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