Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Hash trash - Run 172

Date: Sunday, 8th February 2015
Location: Bitez
Hares: Comes Too Soon and Winey Bitch
Scribe: Doggy Style

On what was our wettest hash for the winter,  a number of us (seeing as I’m writing this in April, I can’t remember how many) assembled near the beach at Bitez, raring to go hashing.  It was cold to say the least, and we were hopping up and down to keep warm whilst we awaited the arrival of the Turkish late-comers.  Fishy Fingers amused us with her attempts at doing the splits.
The hares seemed to think that a couple of the more hardened running hashers would volunteer to set a live trail seeing as the rain had battered down upon their marking work from the previous day.  Luvjoy and Culture Vulture soon dissuaded them of this misconception, and Comes Too Soon reluctantly set off again with the flour.  Which is when things got interesting from a trail perspective, but more on that later.
The RA opened the circle, and Luvjoy was awarded the FRB down down from the previous run.  There must have been a joke or too, but I think I was too cold at the time to appreciate them, let alone recall them now.   Once we thought CTS had had enough headway, off we set in pursuit.  It was up up up the hill (always a danger when the RV is at sea-level), and then things went pear-shaped.  Runners were frantically looking for markings.  On On was called, and everyone set off again, only for the runners to be told very emphatically by a couple of the experienced hashers that it was “Walkers only”.  And so began again the frantic mark-searching of the runners.  We soon found another set of marks and ran off in the opposite direction to the walkers.   Fishy Fingers noted that the marks seemed to now be on the opposite side, with some arrows seeming more like they were coming towards us.  Could we be doing the route backwards.  Nothing to fear though, as we were soon met again by the walkers who appeared to have gone on a longer route than we had.  More confusion as the walkers and hare then informed the runners that when they shouted “Walkers only” at us a number of times they hadn’t actually meant “Only” and that we should have gone the same way as them.  Yep – I’m still confused about that use of the word “Only”.  Deciding that the walkers were providing little assistance, the runners set back up the hill we had run down.  Shitter and CV motored on ahead, but marks were spotted to the right.  As we were about to start investigating these, Winey Bitch reliably informed us that this was the correct route and off we should proceed.  And to be fair, it was.  However, this was before her fellow hare had decided to set a different live-trail to the one they had set the day before together, and hadn’t actually told her.  
So, I have no clue what runners route CV or Shitter did, nor which route the walkers did, but the still reasonably well-marked (considering the rain) runners’ trail that Luvjoy, Fishy Fingers, Barrel and I followed was very pleasant.  Lots of country paths, (not so dry) river beds, and a detour across a mandarin grove (accompanied by much barking from the farmer’s Kangols).    The last five minutes involved us being slowed down by calls from the walkers who were fed up of waiting for us to come back to start the circle – makes a change! ;)  Nice hill climb followed by a bit of competitive running from a couple of the runners (who I shall leave unnamed) at the end.
All back safe and well from our different routes, and the closing circle was called.  The hares came in to be berated/congratulated on their trail.  Secondhand dishwasher told a joke, and then CV was awarded a certificate for his 150th Bodrum Hash.  Well done CV!!!!  Miss Attitude was congratulated upon her karate accomplishments for the Turkish team – mental notes made to keep her on side!  Othr down downs were drunk but I can’t recall what for, and then we headed off to the Sultan Restaurant on the beach.  Thankfully the sun had decided to come out, so we were all able to dry off a bit.  Many of us had remembered to bring dry shoes to change into.  Shitter had kindly offered to bring a pair for Luvjoy.  Luvjoy looked a little miffed when Shitter produced them from the boot of his car, and realised that they weren’t actually a matching pair (though at least a vaguely similar shade of colour).  He looked more miffed (though really not that surprised) when he realised that they were also both left feet!!  Next time, ask Butt Butt.
An enjoyable variety of hash routes and a great On On On.  Thank you very much to the hares!
On On! 
Doggy Style

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