Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Hash Trash - Run 173

Hash trash run 173
Location : Sunday 22nd February Kadikalesi
Hares : Fishy Fingers & Doggy style
Scribe : Culture Vulture 

                                 JOHN BUNYAN - THE 39 (thousand)STEPS HASH    STEPS 

With winter travels and winter snivels to blame, only 5 Hashers turned up  (2 hares, 2 runners and 1 invalid) for what turned out to be the Hash with the most steps (of the staircase kind)!

Culture Vulture called for the opening square (with only four other hashers a circle wasn’t possible).  The hares explained the run would not be flat and around 6 km for walkers (none) and 10 km for the runners (2).  They therefore decided that if there was a hook, then maybe it would be OK for it to be ignored.  LuvJoy was given the Down-Down for First home last run.  Before calling the ON-ON he told a brief sexist Valentine’s joke.

With the two hares valiantly trotting behind (or occasionally beside), LuvJoy and Culture Vulture set off.  A brief run along the beach, before the turn up into the hills of Kadıkalesi with all the steep cobbled stones streets and steps for footpaths.  Culture Vulture soon realised that the only way from each check was up the steps which made checking quite easy until we reached the top!  We carefully threaded our way down along the trail and then through the back streets and fields of Kadıkalesi until reaching the streets of Turgutreis.  It was here that LuvJoy was confused by a flour-marked W (for walkers) because he took the other way that led him straight back to the ON-IN.  Because Culture Vulture had been doing his usual checking the wrong way at the previous check, he arrived at this confusing mark in time for the two hares to point him in the correct direction.  A kilometer or so later, the hares declared that the trail still had another 2 or 3 kilometres of loops, but as we had lost the only other runner LuvJoy, it would probably be best to shortcut home.  Half way along the ON-IN we encountered LuvJoy backtracking as he realized he had missed the trail some way back.  Thereafter it was a gentle trot back to the RV.

Culture Vulture called the square together again.  The two Hares, Fishy Fingers and Doggy Style received the appropriate disabuse for “a step too far”.  LuvJoy received his second Down-Down of the day for being Mugless.  This run had been previously declared a Valentine’s Day Hash, but only Culture Vulture was wearing the requested red or pink.  Down-Down’s all round for that of course.  After another sexist Valentine’s joke or two, the very brief square was called to an end and all five of us headed for the ON-ON-ON where the food was up to expectations.


Culture Vulture

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