Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Hash trash - Run 175

Run: 175
Date: Sunday 22nd March
Location: Yalıkavak
Hares: Barrel & Noddy
Scribe: Virgin

Hi Hashers,

It was a wonderful sunny spring day, so this time the RA did his job.  It was also Nevruz Spring Holiday so Happy Nevruz to all of you and I hope it will be a nice New Year.

We were 18 hashers including returners and 3 new Viking Hashers, Thomas the Tank, Anna and Pia that we welcomed and hope to see a lot of in the future.  Pia’s husband, Göktuğ unfortunately had to work although it was his 50th birthday.  Happy Birthday to Göktuğ.

It was a well set run from the hares’ house and endiong back there with the post run circle and plenty of beer.  It was good to see the return of Happy and Rachel.  Noddy got her 50th run mug which was filled and downed very quickly.  Ali received his wallet back as lost property that had been found on the reound by another Hasher.  He could now relax as he was prepared to go back along the trail to find it.  Good to have a group that looks after each other!

We had new T-shirts on sale, double sided with prints on each side (inside and outside), so 2 in 1 for only 15TL.  All sizes available from XS to XXL, but unfortunately no XM for Barrel that he requested!!

The ON-ON-ON was at Köşem (My Corner) with excellent food.  Everyone had remembered the good food so for the two who decided to join us very late they couldn’t get what they wanted (liver) as Köşem had run out.  Still there was Fish & Chips or curry left so no-one departed hungry.

Thansk for a good hash Noddy and Barrel. The next Hash will be Easter and April Fool’s, so be prepared as Loveboy (no printing error, but a verbal slip by Thomas the Tank!) is setting it.


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