Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Hash Trash - Run 176

Run 176
Sunday 5th April 2015
Hares : Tinkerbell & Barrel
Location : Yalikavak
Scribe : Happy

The RV for run 176 on April 5th was at the home of Noddy and Barrel in Yalikavak. As everyone arrived there was a mad scramble to acquire the latest addition to our hash wardrobe - hash sweatshirts.These were available in a choice of three colours and sizes
All of the early birds seemed to favour the sky blue model so it was red or green for anyone who arrived late! Once the purchases were complete the circle was called and our stand in GM Culture Vulture wellcomef us all to run 176 on this a rather cloudy Easter Sunday.
The hares were called in and gave us the usual description of the trail and after the down down for the FRB Lovejoy off we set with Tinkerbell at the front with the runners and Barrel bringing up the rear with the walkers!
The trail took us on a varied circular of Yalikavak firstly on the wilder back tracks then down to the beach along the sea front,a bit of window shopping alongside the Marina, back up through the town and then back to the countryside,across a very boggy field!!

Once everyone had dried their soggy feet and had a well eared drink the circle was recalled.
The hares were awarded a down down for setting a rubbish trail.Next in the circle were the returnees and virgins closely followed by the mugless ,the wearers of pink and dare I say those practising Sex on the Hash !!!!
Shitter has completed 100 runs and was awarded a t shirt and given a d down. Having completed all the serious business the Easter Fun began in the form of Egg throwing an egg nose nudging race and an egg and spoon race  which was enjoyed by all. Finally we all joined Noddy and Barrel in wishing Tinkerbell a Very Happy Birthday!!!

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