Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Monday, 18 May 2015

Hash Trash - Run 178

When : Sunday 3rd May 2pm
Where : 6km SE of Bodrum
Hares : King Crapper & Lightfoot
Scribe : Fishy Fingers

Run 178 was announced to be our Anzac run and we met on the coast 6km SE of Bodrum . The hares were King Crapper and Lightfoot so we knew a good challenging trail was ahead . A good crowd of Hashers turned out so we know the summer season is upon and we were delighted to welcome back our GM Hose handler too !

The circle was called and GM called in the first home fro the last run which was shitter so next home Doggy Style had the pleasure of the warm beer , The hares were called in and explained about the trail , you know the usual tale flat short etc . They also told us that as well as our usual flour trail Lightfoot had been busy building cairns for us to follow( stacks of rocks to mark a trail) . After the RA had done his bits On On was called and off we went .

King Crapper was the back hare so off we set with Lightfoot as front hare , there were lots of short cuts for the walkers so the pack was kept together very well . The trail started climbing uphill and we soon spotted the first of mny cairns it must have taken Lightfoot hours to mark the trail . The views over the Bodrum Peninsular were fab from the top of the hill , but it was one of those trails that you were never sure if you were going up , down or were somewhere in the middle as we weaved up and down the hills ! I enjoyed a good long run and spurred on by the walking pack managed to run up the final hill back to the RV ,

When the rest of the pack was safely gathered I bought out some cakes , however I had under estimated how many of us there would be so some hashers had to share ( sorry) , beer flowed a plenty in the May heat and the circle was called so the down downs could begin . The returnees ( lots of them ) , misnamers , pink wearers were all called in , Then someone spotted Hot Lips wearing a brand new pair of very sparkly trainers , it came to light they were Tits and she thought she could get away without a penalty the following week if someone else had worn them . Oh no they both had to take a drink out of the sweaty shoes ( sorry Hot Lips but you know what I mean ) .

As this was our Anzac hash , Old Wreck handed out Anzac biscuits and a flyer explaining all about them , much thanks to you as they were delicious ! Then Noddy came in to remind us about the upcoming Weekend Wedding Hash which was the next hash weekend ! The circle was closed and we all headed to the Belediye cafe nearby , where due to our large numbers we had to do a bit of reorganisation to the amusement of the staff .

A big thankyou to the hares for an excellent trail .

On On Fishy Fingers !

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