Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Monday, 18 May 2015

Hash trash - Run 180 ( Weekend wedding hash Sunday )

Date:        Sunday, 17th May 2015
Location: Ortakent Yah┼či
Hares:      Culture Vulture
Scribe:      Doggy Style

After the excesses (for some) of the wedding celebrations the night before, a surprising number of hashers made it bright and bushy-tailed to the 12 noon start for Run 180.  The latest to arrive were of course the bride and groom, but they had honeymoon excuses.   When the circle finally started, Culture Vulture described the trail (generally lots of up and down, water that you wouldn’t want to step in, and marks on the left).  We did introductions for the visitors and new Groom, announced that No-name Vanessa was due to be named and awarded her the chic yellow naming hat to wear on the route, awarded Lightfoot the down-down for being the FRB on the run the Saturday run, and then off we went.

K9 set off with a very visible perkiness and the rest of the runners gave chase.  Along the beach, scrambling up the side of a hill, a wrong call thanks to a pile of building cement, and then all back together to go up and down some more.  It seemed blissfully cool for a midday run until we hit a dust track where the heat just bounced back at you.    With the male runners all keeping a strong pace (obviously in a completely non-competitive manner), Fishy Fingers and I lagged a little behind.  We did spook them nicely though when we reappeared quite close to them around a corner towards the end of the route, and that set them off scurrying away again for fear of coming in after the girls.

The walkers were not too far behind, and we were all soon back home at the RV, gratefully embracing the cold beer and wine.    A few people went to cool off in the sea, and an alert was raised that there appeared to be a pair of black pants abandoned on the grass.  Once it was ascertained that they were too lacy to be Fishy Fingers’ misplaced knickers from the night before, the owner was discovered to be Luvjoy.  Perhaps he had decided to join in with the tackle-display theme of the run.  Everyone’s nether regions appropriately covered, the circle was opened by the RA who was soon commended and heckled for his trail.  Noddy and Fishy Fingers were brought in for down downs to celebrate Noddy’s organisation of the weekend and Fishy Fingers truly scrumptious cake-baking.  Ellen and her team were also called in for thanks, after which Ellen shortly became “Matchmaker”, named after her Cilla Black skills with the Bride and Groom to be.  Vanessa came in to tell us more about herself, and various names were discussed.  Unfortunately for us, the call of mothering came and she had to leave the circle before she was named.  Unfortunately for her, this gave us even more time to reflect on possible suitable names.  We are looking forward to your return Vanessa!!!

There were many many down downs more – returnees, visitors from Istanbul and Fethiye (who reminded us about their upcoming birthday weekend and Nash Hash), mugless, no hash-gear, etc.  After which point, we were all beginning to melt in the heat and energy levels were wavering.  A break was taken for some men to master a mighty black erection whilst we all filled our mouths with something softer.  After a group photo, the circle was restarted and proceeded to become a battle of jokes.  Some were funny, some very funny, and others just made us groan. Fishy Fingers’ yummy cupcakes were dished out to those who hadn’t been on the previous day’s run, and the remainder awarded to those who managed to come up with a truly funny joke.  There was an exchange of truly beautiful rings by the Bride and Groom (clearly Noddy should be investigated for the recent Hatton Garden heist).  Fishy Fingers and Tits were brought in for appreciation of their barmaid skills, and the circle was brought to a close.  Thanks everyone for a great day!

On On Doggy Style!

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