Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Friday, 19 June 2015

Hash trash - Run 182

Where : Derekoy
When : Sunday 14th June 3pm
Hares : King Crapper & Old Wreck
Scribe : Hose Handler

It was a blistering hot day & there was a motley crew of "keen" hashers at Derekoy waiting for 3pm (new time for the summer) So the GM called the circle together & promptly gave a down down to the FRB from the last hash & of course it was Lightfoot by name & Lightfoot by nature as quick as a whippet!! Then the hares were called in, King Crapper & Old Wreck were the hares & they said "It will be a flat short run" & no prickly bushes!!! There was a short cut for the walkers & a pretty "run" for the  runners!!
So "On On" was called & we were off straight into some rather handsome camels if I say so myself!! So King Crapper gave us a "hint" the run that the run was not that way, so up we went into the hills & countryside with views all round very lovely it was to, then we went into the old hashers favourite thing yes you guessed it the dry riverbed yipee came the call as we "ran " gingerly through one riverbed & straight into another but this one had some wet stuff in it so that made it a bit more interesting. We all battled on for a few more kms enjoying the run & then out of nowhere King Crapper "popped" up & guided the walkers back into the On In, & he guided us runners to the right & yes you guessed it through riverbeds & then we started to go up & up & up, with Fishy Fingers, Doggystyle, & Pias husband in front of me through the very PRICKLY bushes all we heard was a few choice words coming from them & then apologising for swearing, but if the truth be told by heck there was some proper sharp thorns & bushes about & a lot seemed to be stabbing us, but when we got to the top we were rewarded to a fantastic 360 degrees view well worth the pain, but as they say "No pain no gain". Then it was a nice amble down the hill & a rewarding sign of the old ON IN a pleasure to see by all.
Then as we got back we waited for the last of the runners & the GM called the circle together under some lovely shady trees & the first ones he called were the Hares so KC & OW were called in & given a down down for a great hash we all enjoyed it plenty of views & PLENTY of very prickly bushes!! Well done. Then the GM called in Pias husband into the circle for being a virgin hasher well done to him, but Pia did "help" him to remove him cap whilst in the circle so a down down was given to her for helping her Husband.
In came the RA to give a few down downs, First there was a down down for Butt Butt for a teapot, then we called in Pia for she has not been named yet so we asked her for a "quick" run down of her life & all I can remember was some obscure cartoon girl called Pippi Longstockings (God knows who that is?) So we gave her a down down for miss naming Virgin.
Then a Down Down was given to Butt Butt for miss use of hash equipment fanning her BBQ fire with the fantastic new hash signs!!
We had a few more down downs then the circle was called to a close by the RA & so the BBQs went to full tilt with Lovejoy doing his & Culture Vulture firing up his BBQ as well but me thinks that KC & OW had the best idea a gas BBQ looking good you two!!
Thanks for a great hash.
See you all in August.
On On
Hose Handler & Helmet Polisher

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