Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Hash Trash -Run 185

Where : Pedasa 
When : Sunday 26th July 3pm
Hares : Luvjoy & Doggy Style
Scribe : Dopey

On a cool 39 C degrees of 26th July 2015 afternoon, Dopey, His sister Emel, Muchk, But But and Shitter was travelling towards Pedesa area of Bodrum. Whilst on the duel Carriage way from Ortakent to Konacik direction, Shitter spotted a blue vehicle on the right, driven by RA and passenger Virgin heading towards to RV of BH3 Hash Run 185.
Instead of But But giving the driving instructions, she just said “Follow This truck” which made the journey very straight forward to the destination.
AS we entered the Pedesa Antik Park we saw a man acting as traffic police directing us to a parking plot. He turned out to be our very Hare Lovejoy. Due to the abundance of the signs he assumed the duty of traffic warden for the arriving hashers to RV.
When RA gathered the Circle and awarded the most desired warm beer to the Last runs FRB. 
He again assumed the GM and RA combined job. He proceeded with the unfortunate sad news of Noddy’s mother’s passing away on Saturday morning and asked for a Minute silence to express our respect to our fellow Hasher and her late Mother. Our Condolences could be offered through Facebook page which announces the sad news.
The Circle proceeded with the hares’ informative description of the run being a flat and a few check backs etc. and all signs being marked on the Left side of the tracks.
Before the start I, Dopey, was told that I was the Scribe of Run 185. Being Dopey I must have volunteered but forgotten all about it or it could have been GM/RA exercising his power to designate the position. Whatever the reason was, I could not refuse this honour so I put my scribe hat on to remember all events and started forward with the rest of the gang.
After a mile or so my Remembering hat told me that the signs were on the left side of the track but I could not see any. So to accomplish my duty correctly I offered £10,000 award to the first Hasher to find the chalk / Flour marked sign. The news must have triggered an interest and both Hares and runners joined in looking for the signs. In fact Lovejoy has tried to cheat and throw some flour on the track whilst running but as he was caught cheating no award was given.
I heard the voices from the walkers near to the top of the mountain “God please let this be the last hill to climb”. I could not understand the reasoning of this pray as it was only 42 C degrees and the track was prickly and lots of rocks. Every now and then runners appeared out of nowhere, joined us and disappeared again. Perhaps they haven’t realised the award was cancelled, I thought.
Some of the walkers made a short cut of a shortcut and returned to RV point so that Virgin would not be left alone for a long time. Eventually down the hill towards the RV, runners joined us ones again running so fast that I thought they were running away from a wild Boar or something.

Altogether we arrived at the RV and quenched our thirsts with water and beer.
Eventually RV/GM put a stop to the laziness and called for the circle. He started with awards of Hares which was followed by returnees, Visitors, Teapots and various other worthily reasons.
Before the ending of the Circle RA/GM explained that we had to move our Hash date on October the 4th , a week later to 11th October 2015 as it coincided with Fethiye Nash-Hash. We were also told that unless Hare volunteers come forward for the future hashes, there won’t be any runs. So some more hashers have come forward to put their names down.
After the circle closed the Hash group carried on towards the on-on-on at Kadikalesi beach but, unfortunately this scribe had his Children arriving early evening from the UK therefore he could not make the on-on-on to scribe about. 

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