Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Hash Trash - Run 189

Where : Kadikalesi
When : September 20th 3pm
Hares : Fishy Fingers & Tits
Scribe : Fishy Fingers

  Another glorious day weather wise and a group of enthusiastic ( or mad) hashers gathered to take part in Bodrum Hash House Harriers Run 189 , there was hashers old and new and returnees too , some regular faces were missing preferring watching physical activity on TV in the form of the Rugby World cup rather than partaking . One of the missing hashers was the RA himself  ( Barrel )so his better half ( Noddy) stood in  for him .The GM called the circle and after a few words invited the hares in to spin their tales about the trail and  more importantly give details of the food after ! Then the RA took to the circle and told a joke etc , then On On On was called and off we went ,

   The trail soon led us to the promenade and along the seafront and off in the direction of Kadikalesi , the runners were soon off well in front ( albeit rather hesitantly given that the hares had warned them of multiple hooks and knowing that Fishy Fingers is particularly cruel when it comes to hooks !) The checks kept the pack pretty compact but when the main road was crossed and the walkers realised the hill  ahead they opted for the flat main road option , but not the hardened runners up they went , then back down from back check they went , back up again ( cruel I know ) . When the runners realised they were still heading away from the RV there were several groans and then rather large ones as the first hook got them ! So back down the hill again went the first 3 enthusiastic runners . Onwards and upwards went the pack and then weaving through the road at the top of the hill ( on the plus side I added no steps in this one ) , the front runners were again starting to pull clear when they saw it the second hook ( they were warned ) , this coupled with another back check meant that the running , fast walking pack came back in altogether not long after the walkers .

   After a few minutes to let the runners catch their breath circle was called and the GM called the hares in to let the crowd heckle them for a cruel cruel run on a hot sunny afternoon ! There were plenty of down downs given for newcomers , returnees and various misdemeanours . Then the RA invited people in to tell a joke and Bringing Up the Rear didn't need asking twice , he came in and told a joke so memorable I had forgotten it by the time he had his down down ( sorry mate ) , plenty more beer to go around and the circle was closed . We all then headed to Uncles where as usual the portions were huge , the service was great and everyone was happy !

On On Fishy Fingers !!

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