Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Hash Trash - Run 190

Hash Trash – Run 190
Location: Pedasa
Hares: Luvjoy and Muffin Muncher
Scribe: Doggy Style

A motley crew of hashers assembled at the RV near Pedasa – the hash started prematurely as, true to form, Luvjoy had chosen an RV that only the off-roaders could get to ;)  So there was an initial uphill scramble from the cars to the RV - thank the Hash Gods that the hashbeer has a truck!  It was great to see some returnees including Comes too soon, Ass-kicker, I love Clocks and Tramp Juice.  Once the latecomers had arrived (Dopey!), the GM called the circle to a start.  Apparently this wasn´t appreciated by the local ”children” (that’s me being polite), and after them pelting stones at us and the cars, it became apparent that security was required.  Virgin gallantly opted to miss the run and guard the beers.
The hares were called in to tell us the normal pack of lies about the trail – flat, all tarmac, clearly marked, and we were briefed on the new hook that Luvjoy had decided to introduce which  basically involved the front runners touching each other up.    I think this is just another way of trying to deter the front running bitches from being upfront with the front runing bastards!!
It was noted that a number of the group had been to the Fethiye birthday hash the previous weekend, and all had a great time and were sporting their new T-shirts.  Luvjoy was called in to drink his FRB down down from the previous run, and then we were off to the dulcit tones of Pisspots horn.
We were soon off the path and scrambling up a river bed, trying to hop over lots of spikey bushes and hoping to avoid Luvjoy’s hornet friends.  The views over the coastline were fantastic and the sun was shining brightly.  The hares had said something about conserving flour and  marking only where necessary.   However, the gusts of wind during the night had decided that some of their marks weren't needed, and so the front runners were soon in a muddle where a circle had been blown away.  The hare came to the rescue to set us back on the right route, and off we ran.  Unfortunately Luvjoy was a bit slow on his feet after tennis and a hornet attack so we all  did an extra stretch before hitting a dead end and him managing to catch us up to say that a  check back had been blown away.  Mutterings started coming from some of the runners about the virtues of lots of marks at this point, but everybody was happily back on course and skipping down a river bed whilst trying to keep ankles intact.
The runners all ran in reasonably together, and were soon followed by some of the quicker walkers.  And then we waited, and we drank  beer, and we waited, and we drank beer.  Slight panic began that the young Muffin Muncher walking-hare was nowhere to be seen, but a quick phone call revealed that she was not too far but was diligently waiting for her pack.  So  we waited, and we drank beer, and we waited.  Finally, the stragglers started coming in, and Muffin Muncher looked relieved to have shepherded them all safely home.  Noddy had taken a tumble, so ice was dispensed to her knee.
The hares were called in and, ahem, celebrated for their trail setting.    Down downs followed for returnees, and something involving Noddy, Barrel, Dopey and Luvjoy.  I was summoned in for getting  Leaky Willy over-excited at the Fethiye hash (Swansea men!), and then in came the latecomers.  The RA had us all chuckling with a good joke,  and then summoned myself and Fishy Fingers in with Pisspot for our declaration that we woould be blowing Pisspot’s horn at the next run.  There were other down downs too, but my memory fails me what for.
The circle was brought to a close, and we headed off to Masa in Turgutreis for the On On On.  Great service and food again – thanks Erol!  And  a big thanks to Luvjoy and Muffin Muncher for a great afternoon.

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