Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Hash Trash - Run 191

Where : Cukerbuk Beach
When ; Sunday 18th October 2pm
Hare ; Pisspot
Scribe ; Hose Handler

 What a fantastic turn out we had for the warrior pink breast awareness hash, The sun was shining at Gumsluk again!! At promptly 2pm the 23 keen hashers circled up I must admit if I had a hat on I would take it of for two particular hashers for going the extra pink mile well done Dopey & I love clocks!! The RA called the first home last run well done Shitter, don't forget to take your hat off next time!. So Pisspot was called in as the only hare & of course the run was flat no hooks just a few kms all good stuff "right". Then the GM called in the RA just a joke or two & a weather report good joke & the weather was good. Then On On was called  Fishy Fingers  & Doggy Style were off like a couple of whippets (keep training you two!!) Just a few steps into the hash Tramp Juice had a tumble & twisted her wrist (not to much wine we hope!!) I wish you well TJ  The hash went on up the biggest hill in Gumsluk phew!! round some lovely viewing spots as well, on & on we went then the split came walkers one way & runners the other, King Crapper, Noddy, & I plodded on the runners walk with some check backs set in all good stuff, the run was well marked with some lovely pink arrows nice touch PP. A very good 7/8 km run. Before the circle was called Fishy Fingers & Muffin handed out some LOVELY gin & tonic cup cakes mmmmmm!!
Then the RA called the circle in came Piss Pot for a well deserved down down as a good run!! Even after 191 runs Trevor the virgin  got a down down. Then Tits was called into the circle for a special down down was given as she has done 100 hashes!! Well done Tits. Then the RA was called in & straight away Shelia (I have forgotten her hash name) & Tramp Juices daughter were called in for some very nice brand new trainers so a good down down was given to them, Tramp Juice had new trainers as well but as she had a tumble the RA said next as he was a bit worried she may take a tumble again, (very wise Barrel) Then about four returnees were called in myself included glad to be back for a few hashes! for a down down. Trevor was called in the circle for impersonating hash flash & a down down was given to him. A few more down downs were called for Shitter for forgetting to take his hat off in the circle "again". The circle was called to a closed & we all went to the local pide house for some very nice food good company & good beer hic!!
Just to end & say good luck to I Love Clocks with his knee operation & hope it all goes well!!
Don't forget to check your boobs girls!!!
See you all on the next one.

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