Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Hash trash - Run 193

Run : 193
When : Sunday 15th November 2015 2pm
Location : Derekoy
Hares : Culture Vulture & Virgin
Scribe : Happy

Run 193 was held at 2pm on 15th November in the village of Derekoy with 16 hashers in attendance (not a bad turn-out for this time of year)

The circle was called by  Hose Handler  and his first call was to hold a minutes silence for the victims of the Paris massacre which had taken place the night before. Our hearts go out to all !
After the usual instructions from the hares Virgin and Culture Vulture and the down down for the FRB from the previous run( Lightfoot), on on was called and we all set off up into the hills behind the village of Derekoy.

After the initial long and slow (for some !) climb the trail evened out and led us through some beautiful unspoilt countryside and was very clearly marked. Half way round the trail Virgin received a call from  late comer Noddy asking where we were. She tried her best to catch up with the walkers at least but sadly had to battle on and do most of the   of the run on her own.

So after a very enjoyable run we all arrived back at the RV ready for a well earned drink!
The circle was called and the hares were awarded a down down for setting a 'Rubbish' run ! They were then called in again for forgetting the down down mugs! The RA was then asked to take over the circle and he pointed out that because the circle was positioned on a slight incline that some of the hashers were looking 'down' on some of their fellow hashers! To remedy this the circle had to rotate after every down down which caused a little chaos and made for a welcome change. Talking of change all the songs for down downs have changed too. We each have a new song to learn and if called upon in the circle we must lead the song. A couple of new songs were tried and everyone seemed to enjoy the new experience. We even had an audience (in the middle of nowhere) of various groups of children ,women and dogs who were very curious about what we were up to!  All in all a very enjoyable afternoon was had by all and was followed by a lovely meal at the windmill restaurant Gumusluk.

OnOn Happy

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