Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Monday, 7 December 2015

Hash trash - Run 194

Hash Trash Run no 194 29th November
Hares: Fishy Fingers and Doggy Style
Scribe : Barrel

Another low turnout but we got into double figures before setting off, in excellent weather suitably arranged by the RA after a few rainy days.

Not many front runners today but Culture Vulture and Luvjoy were kept busy by frequent checks.
The hares were particularly pleased that these FRB’s frequently tried to ‘second guess’ the hares and get it completely wrong.

We ventured into area of ‘greater’ Turgutreis that we don’t normally frequent.

The latter part of the trail took us off tarmac in places and we even passed by an outcrop of rock which the hares said were tombs.

After negotiating some noisy dogs, including one which was outside the fences we made it back to the road for the ON IN stretch.

When we arrived back Luvjoy quickly got to watching the tennis as it was the deciding match in the Davis Cup final. Thereafter we all got regular updates.

The circle started with the usual – hares, and 1 returnee – Tits back from her latest travels.

Luvjoy then got a DD for not paying attention to what was happening in the circle due to the ongoing tennis. He then continued to update us.

Fifteen love!

Tits got a DD for arriving late – although it was only a few minutes late it was after the hares had described the trial

Thirty love!

 Some hashers showed that they had learnt the hash songs allocated to them without use a crib sheet and they got duly honoured with a DD – Happy and Long Willie.

Thirty fifteen!

Other hashers have not yet leant their songs and they also got DD’d – Virgin and CV

Forty fifteen!

Noddy and Virgin got DD’s for celebrating birthdays in the near future and before the next hash.

Forty thirty!

Doggy Style was then called in for New Shoes and Fishy Fingers volunteered to join her as the newish shoes she had on had yet to be christened in the circle.


This more or less brought the circle to an end – there were a few more DD’s for various obscure reasons and then we headed the short distance to the mangal and the food.

Advantage GB!

Plenty of food, another beer and some more tennis updates rounded off the hashing day

Game set and match!