Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Monday, 14 December 2015

Hash Trash - Run 195

Hares: Virgin & Long Willy
Where ; Gumusluk
When : 13th December 2015
Scribe : Fishy Fingers

So we were gathered together on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon at 2pm in Gumusluk . 10 dedicated hashers ready to embark on our Swedish themed St Lucia hash when at 2pm on the dot up screetched Tits to join us in the nick of time making us 11 . The GM called the circle and gave the down down for FRB last hash which was CV , then called in the angelic looking hares to describe the trail , they said it was the usual short , flat , well marked etc etc , then went on to tell us the history behind St Lucia . Then RA barrel stepped in to give us some more useful advice , I'm sure all these tips will come in handy one day ! And On On wass called and off we set down towards the beachfront , then left !

We ran up towards Kadikalesi and soon encountered our first piece of art of the day ! I have never seen a check so round in all my hashes , those hares must have made a template for that , it was a shame to mark it through but On On was called ahead so thats exactly what I did and then followed in pursuit of the rest of the runners up the hill . Not long after came another check and this time there were four options to check and the only one left for me was down ( groan ) fortunately it was the right way and the only time I actually chose the right option . We ran on and more checks with the same skillful marking to be destroyed were found , along with plenty of marks to keep us on trail ( very diligent marking ladies !) . Towards the approach back to the RV it appeared that Lightfoot got distracted and fancied a detour to the sea as suddenly he appeared behind me laughing he must have done an extra KM in total resulting in myself following Luvjoy  in as he was firsthome !

A short while after we were joined by the walking hashers and our kind Beermaster CV insisted the beer table was moved into the sunshine for the barmaid ( much appreciated thankyou CV) , before the circle was called there was mulled wine and ginger biscuits and mince pies to enjoy , groans of delight were heard as the goodies were devoured by all ! Circle up was called and GM Hose Handler came in to get the opinion of the trail from the masses , we all agreed it was rubbish , and that the checks were definately the best we had ever seen , in fact down downs were given for those hashers who dared to destroy them by kicking them through !

The hares then have us a rendition of the song thats sung on St Lucia day joined by the GM who had crafted a hat of lights as worn in Sweden . RA took the circle and started handing out down downs to all and Lightfoot was most upset that there was no mulled wine left for his ( greedy lot had finished it all) lots of singing and drinking followed with us all wishing each other a merry christmas . The next run was discussed and decided that as we may be few in numbers it will be an informal get together but will still go ahead .

On On On was called and we went off to the pide house in Gumusluk where the liver was delicious as usual . Big thankyou from myself to the hares  and Merry Christmas to all the  fellow hashers from myself and Muffin Muncher ! See the dedicated ones next run and see the rest of my fellow hashers in the New Year !

On On Fishy Fingers !!

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