Hash Wedding weekend

Hash Wedding weekend

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Hash Trash - Run 197

When : 10th January 2016 2pm
Where : Ortakent
Hares : Shitter & an absent Butt Butt
Scribe : Barrel

Hash Trash Run no 197 10th December

Hares: Shitter (actually present) and But But (not present)

The first hash of 2016 came too soon for many hashers, it seems, as only 7 brave souls turned up for the run, from next to the TED college carpark in Ortakent. Even one of the hares had absconded so we were left in the ‘safe?’ hands of Shitter who said very little when describing the run.
What he did not say was that we would be going steadily up for the first 30 minutes, or so – best that he hadn’t said that at the start – not very encouraging.

Culture Vulture, Fishy Fingers and Luvjoy alternated finding the wrong way from checks.
Shitter and Barrel followed on behind and keeping up the rear were Virgin and Noddy who took the ‘walkers’ alternative.

Once off road the trail became a nature trail and most hashers confirmed that the spot of rain at the start of the run was perfect for the scenery and location - so well done the RA.
As Barrel was still concerned over his weak ankle after a previous injury on a Shitter/But But hash there was generous assistance from other hashers when climbing stone walls which were regularly crossing the route.

In most places the trail was well set – Shitter had been instructed by But But to set the trail 3 times in case there were problems with the marks.
Eventually we left the woods and came back to the road for a long downhill stretch to home.
Well done to the hares for finding new territory and searching out a route and a pity there were not more hashers attending.

The circle started with the usual one for the hare, and then the 100 t-shirt was awarded to Fishy Fingers on her 101 hash.

DD’s were then awarded to the hashers who most identified with the most popular New Years Resolutions.
No hasher was associated with one of the most popular resolutions – drink less alcohol!!

Due to low numbers the circle was kept short but the RA regaled the circle with a fine bit of humour which took up about half of the total time of the circle with one of the corniest punchlines you are ever likely to hear!!

The RA explained that he did not want to set the bar too high – this being the first joke of 2016.

The circle then closed and it was on on on to ..... nowhere, so we all went home.

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